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See how we help our clients become the next and best versions of themselves in every industry, in every country, each and every day.

Stories of change

Change From Every Angle crusade showcases the widereaching impact of IntelliTek’s work with our guests in the form of an interactive content series – featuring short vids that concentrate on each side of the story. By featuring our people, our guests and members from the wider community in their own words, we’re suitable to communicate a deeper connection to how we embrace change to produce value and the palpable benefit of the work through a truly mortal lens.

For our first story, observers will be suitable to see every side of how, together, we’re helping CMHC achieve their thing of affordable homes for everyone in Canada by 2030. Exploration shows having a place to call home helps people feel more invested in their community, leading to a stronger, safer, happier society.

Banking on data

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), the third-largest bank in Thailand, wanted to unleash the value of its data to enhance gests for consumers, optimize operations, and energy unborn growth. To be a colonist in its field, SCB set out on an ongoing,multi-year metamorphosis trip to jumpstart the business. Get to know further about how SCB used a constant sluice of data- deduced perceptivity to resuscitate its approach and client experience.

Tim Hortons serves up loyalty

Tim Hortons understood it demanded exceptional services to further grow its applicability with guests. To drive fidelity among being and new guests, Tim Hortons enforced a new fidelity program to identify the most precious guests. See how Tim Hortons is developing its analytics capabilities to produce substantiated offers and prices in fulfilling its charge to come one of the most- loved eatery brands in the world.

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World wildlife fund harnesses

the power of Workday

The World Wildlife Fund demanded an intertwined but simple system to bring together HR, account, reporting and entitlement operation, giving staff further time for work that matters. Discover how Accenture helped WWF with its first- ever global Workday deployment, to advance the charge.